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Business Development for Waste Companies

SMT Group provides support, growth strategies and business development for waste companies already being on the market. With strong background in management, business development, material management, strategic developments and market penetration the SMT staff is always motivated to provide you with the extra growth impulse.

Investment and Participations in Green Tech and Waste Startups

SMT Group participates and invests into companies in the strongly developing field of waste, environment and green technology.

Feasibility Studies for Multi Utility Companies

Multi Utility Companies usually have a wide portfolio of services and facilities in the waste, energy, water and wastewater industry. Since they often lack in profound waste Know How, SMT Group offers its services for development in that field triggering unused potential to grow and expand by supplying missing link technology and pragmatic solution for treatment, recycling and optimization of waste streams.

Meet our team
Stefan Schmid

Stefan Schmid, MBA Meng

Tina Schmid

Tina Schmid

Authorised Representative and Administration
Bernadette Höchtl

Ing. Bernadette Höchtl, MA

Solutions Manager
Bettina Möstl

Bettina Möstl

Sales Support & Customer Service

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