SMT Recycling GmbH, (100% participation of SMT Group GmbH), was founded in 2014 and is one of the fastest growing and leading companies for transboundary shipment of solid and liquid hazardous waste in Europe. Our international network in the recycling business, paired with profound waste background of our staff provides the best solutions for any customer requests.
The SMT Recycling team is fast, flexible and with hands on mentality able to fulfil its customer’s needs in the highest possible standard.
The vision is to define waste in a new way, with the main goal to provide a waste solution for every request transforming each waste stream into a valuable resource, energy or secure disposal to make the planet a cleaner and safer place.

Wastelog Environmental Logistics, (30% participation of SMT Group GmbH and Stefan Schmid), is a young and innovative logistics company with main focus on transporting waste, raw materials, industrial products and scrap.
The main goal of Wastelog is to find the best transport solution for its customers across Europe with strong focus on rail and intermodal solutions to reduce CO2 and protect our environment.
Based on the international network, strong logistics background and hands on mentality Wastelog is  always able to find a customized solution for its clients.


SMT Pannonia Kft

SMT Pannonia Kft, (100% participation of SMT Group GmbH), is an Hungarian based consulting company in the sector of international business development with strong focus on the Eastern European Market.



Head office:
Reintalstraße 51a,
8075 Hart bei Graz

Office Graz:
Parkring 2, 8074 Grambach
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